FeministPorn.org is comprehensive site that aims to provide information and recommendations to anyone looking for feminist porn.

There’s a lot to learn about feminist porn – what it is, who makes it and where to find the best of it. Here we’ll give you everything you need to know so you can find and support the kind of porn that you want. Ethical, feminist and seriously arousing.

This site also offers a variety of feminist porn videos as a sampler of this kind of pornography These movies have been curated because the directors identify as feminist or they have won feminist porn awards. It is by no means a comprehensive selection and visitors are encouraged to further explore the works of other directors or visit some of the recommended sites.


This site has been created by Ms. Naughty, a multiple feminist porn award winner who was awarded Indie Porn Icon at the 2017 Toronto International Porn Festival. Ms. Naughty has been making and curating her own brand of porn for women / feminist porn since 2000. She runs Bright Desire (hence, there are ads for it on this site) and also writes in the third person when occasion calls for it.

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