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A freelance photographer accidentally takes a photograph – both of her friends having sex and of a possible murderer. Meanwhile, she sets out to explore her own sexuality with a hot butch and embarks on a journey of discovery.

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  • Silver Shoes
    Silver Shoes tells three intersecting stories about how what we wear can affect what turns us on - and how …Read More »
  • Feminist Porn Films
    There’s no one type of feminist porn film. They can range from high-end features to low-budget gonzo-style vignette movies, they …Read More »
  • Infidelite
    Three couples, three different sex lives, three different types of infidelity. Can it all work out and can everyone get …Read More »
  • Love Hard
    An intense docu-porn about people who are into BDSM and kink with interviews and very personal erotic footage of their …Read More »
  • Handcuffs
    Handcuffs by Erika Lust is a short film about a couple engaging in public, kinky sex, all the while followed …Read More »
  • The Fantasy Project
    Kate Eden is conducting research into women's sexual fantasies - lush, surreal and very intimate imaginings. She finds herself drawn …Read More »
  • Tactile
    A look and an invitation. Hands meet and fingers touch flesh. Mouth to mouth, breath to breath.Read More »
  • Gone
    Rebecca and Todd are a loving couple who are, sadly, destined to part. Gone explores intimacy and kink with sex …Read More »
  • XConfessions 12
    A selection of explicit and unusual fantasies from Erika Lust Films. Each short depicts a different scenario created from a …Read More »
  • Immersed
    Feminist porn heart throb Bishop Black moves in a naked dance of pure sensuality. Alone in a bare room, lit …Read More »