Handcuffs is a short film by Barcelona-based porn director Erika Lust. It’s story revolves around BDSM, seduction, role play and the exhibitionism of public sex.  It invites the viewer to be a voyeur, just as the couple in the film are followed by an unseen watcher. The film is based on the director’s experience of watching a couple’s real life public sex game in her home town.

Starring Natalia Paris and Paco Roca, the film was shot in the Coppelia cocktail bar in Barcelona.

Handcuffs premiered in 2009 at Circuito Off in Venice, Italy. It won Sexiest Short Film at the Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto in 2010. It also won Best Experimental Short Film at the CineKink Festival in  New York the same year.

You’ll find Handcuffs and all of Erika Lust’s films at Lust Cinema.